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Written by myOltrans    Wednesday, 12 August 2009 12:42    Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 November 2010 12:45

This is the setup for Online Prevodi Translation Agency. This setup is only for reference.

For a specific setup, please contact us.

]project-open[ Project Task Setup

New task added - Trans + Proof

Project Subject Areas Setup

Task: There should be only three subject areas: general, medicine and  specialized.

1. We disabled all other subjects.

2. We added one new - specialized.

Project Units of Measurement Setup

1. We added "character".

Project Translation Languages Setup

1. We disabled some languages and added others.

Note: Only languages without underscore (_) are shown in the Source Language drop-down menu in Project Details section.

Currency Setup

The only active currencies must be: EUR, USD and BGN.

So we made some corrections in the currency_code table:

  • changed BGL > BGN
  • enabled BGN currency - f > t
  • disabled the AUD, CAD and JPY currencies.

To enable the exchange module we inserted the correct currency rates into im_exchange_rates table for 2009 and 2010 years. On 11 Aug 2009 the exchange rates were:

  • USD: 1,000000
  • EUR: 0,706080
  • BGN: 1,380972

We made little corrections in the EUR rate to correspond to the official EUR-BGN rate (1,95583). Thus our EUR-BGN rate is 1,9558294.

Payment Methods

We disabled some methods and add another. Our payment methods are:

  • Cash
  • Bank Payment

Invoice Template Setup

We have to create custom invoice template file in English and Bulgarian. All invoices must have 10 digit number (only numbers, no other symbols) where the first for digits are the year of issuing.

1. We copied the template.en.adp file from




as invoice.en.adp. We made the necessary changes to the template, copied it as and made the necessary change in it, too. We also create a templates for invoices which will be signed with an electronic signature and a template for offers.

In Categories, Intranet Cost Template category, we made the following changes:

  • changed template.en.adp to invoice.en.adp
  • changed to
  • added invoice-with-esign.en.adp
  • added
  • added offer.en.adp
  • added

2. In Parameters we enabled the Discount function, so we needed to add new message in Categories - GrandTotal and to translate it.

3. In Parameters we changed the invoice number date format from YYYY_MM to YYYY.

In /web/projop/packages/intranet-invoices/tcl/intranet-invoices-procs.tcl file we made the following changes.

Line 161 is changed to:

3700 { set prefix "" }

Line 193 is changed to:

    (select    substr(invoice_nr, :nr_start_idx,5) as nr 

Line 199 is changed to:

    select '00000' as nr from dual

Line 205 is changed and added another one line:

        ascii(substr(,4,1)) > 47 and ascii(substr(,4,1)) < 58 and
        ascii(substr(,5,1)) > 47 and ascii(substr(,5,1)) < 58

Lines 221-222 are chaged to:

            to_char(sysdate, :date_format)||''||
            trim(to_char($next_number,'000000')) as invoice_nr

4. There is no In Words field so we use the Invoice Note to write the Total Amount Due in words. This is only in Bulgarian invoices!

]project-open[ Localization

Task: ]po[ must be available only in English and Bulgarian.

1. We disabled German and Spanish.

2. We enabled Bulgarian.

3. We translated ]po[ into Bulgarian. Please, contact us if you want the language package. We are intending to provide it to ]project-open[ when it is in stable version.

Linux Fileserver Implementation

We needed a fileserver for our files, so that the files are accessible from any PC and the backup is made only on one filder.

Create Linux Fileserver

1.  Install samba-server

2. Set up samba-server to share the filestorage folder with access only for a specific user:

    comment = Filestorage Directory on Our Server
    path = /path/to/filestorage
    writable = yes
    public = no
    write list = specific-user

3. Add a ser to server with name "specific-user", without creating home directory, allowing ssh access, with main group "users":

sudo adduser --shell /bin/bash --no-create-home --gid 100 specific-user

4. Add specific-user to samba:

sudo  smbpasswd -a specific-user

5. Do not forget to copy the original filestorage folder from the ]project-open[ server into your new filestorage

For more information about setting up Samba, visit SettingUpSamba.

The folder is now accessibale as shared and via sftp access.

Mount the Shared Folder

  1. Add to /etc/fstab:
    // /web/projop/filestorage cifs credentials=/web/.filestorage,uid=projop,gid=users,nounix,file_mode=0764,dir_mode=0775 0 0
  2. Create a files /web/.filestorge with your samba user information:
    username =  specific-user
    password = your-password
  3. Rename or remove the original filestorage folder on ]project-open[ virtual machine:
    mv /web/projop/filestorage /web/projop/filestorage-old
  4. Reload the fstab file:
    mount -a
  5. Check that your filestorage is mounted and ]project-o]project-open[pen[ has access to it.

Fileserver backup

We use Duplicity to backup the files from Fileserver - Backup and Restore Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, 8.10 or 9.04.

To backup projects only from a specific year, for example 2010 use the following code:

--include '/home/filestorage/projects/*/2010**'

Plugin Component Positions

1. We disabled Bugs, Forum, and User Survey plugins.

2. We changed the position of Calendar-home plugin to right.

Index page Setup

We use the immediate start option from ]project-open[ Configuration Guide.

Top Menu Setup

We removed all read permissions for Bugs and Forum menu items.

PostgreSQL Vacuum & Backup Setup

In the vm ]project-open[ there is crontab set up for the user root. It creates backups in the /var/backup directory. To edit root crontab in the terminal swich user to root and run the command:

crontab -e 

There are already a command for full vacuum and we added a line for a backup to be performed every day at 2:20 am. The root crontab is now:

# Backup databases every day
# 29 3 * * * /usr/bin/perl /root/bin/export-dbs
# In-depth PostgreSQL Vacuum the database every day
19 2 * * * su - postgres -c "/usr/bin/vacuumdb -a -f -z >> /web/projop/log/pg_vacuumdb.log 2>&1"
# Backup PostgreSQL "projop" database every night
29 2 * * * su - projop -c "pg_dump -c -O -F p -f /web/projop/filestorage/backup/pg_dump.`hostname`.projop.`/bin/date +\%Y\%m\%d.\%H\%M\%S`.sql > /web/projop/log/pg_backup.log 2>&1"

To restore a backup, login to ]P-O[ and go to Admin tab, then click on PostgreSQL Backup under Administration section, select the desired backup and click on Restore. After a restore you will need to restart the whole virtual machine. I just could not succeed to log in to the restored ]P-O[.

To restore a backup from the command line switch to user projop:

su projop

and run the command:

psql -d projop -f /the/path/to/your/backup/file.sql

Virtual Machine Setup

User Setup

1. We added new user and added it to sudoers file (visudo).

2. We disabled the root login via GUI and SSH and changed its default password.

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