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How to Add a Link to Menu to a Spesific Container or File from Remository Print E-mail
Written by myOltrans    Sunday, 22 March 2015 23:15   


I have to add links to various containers in Remository, so that each container is accessible through a different menu. Each menu is shown on various pages. And each menu must be shown when the link to that specific container is clicked. But in Add New Item in menu the only possibility is to add a link to the main page of Remository.

Joomla version: 1.5.15

Remository version: 3.46


  1. Go to Menu and select a menu.
  2. Click on Add new button.
  3. Select Internal link - Remository - this will create a link to the main page of Remository.
  4. Open phpMyAdmin - you need access to Control Panel of your Hosting or to install a component for connection to database - see Extensions.
  5. Open the jos_menu table (or xxx_menu where xxx is the corresponding prefix, jos is the default prefix).
  6. Click Browse and find the newly added link to Remository.
  7. Click Edit and change the URL. To find what URL you need - go to your site and click on the Remository link, browse to the category you need and copy the url from Browser.
  8. Click save.
Now you have an internal link to a Remository Category. You can even point this link to a specific file.

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