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Written by myOltrans    Sunday, 14 December 2008 20:59    Last Updated on Sunday, 14 December 2008 21:42

Creating checkbox field is as easy as creating any other form item. But there are few things to remember and check after using the Wizard.

  • Checkbox name

ChronoEngine has provided instructions how to deal with it at ChronoEngine FAQs page. Here it is what they say:

"Checkbox fields need to have return an array of results, to do this the field name must be of the form name='field_name[]' with the two square brackets at the end.

If you don't do this then only the last checkbox ticked will be returned.

You must use the same array name e.g. name="field_name[]" for every related checkbox."

"Please make sure that your field names:

  • Have no spaces in them (use _ instead)
  • Have no punctuation marks like \ ' , " : etc.
  • Are all unique, if you use the same name for more that one field only the last will be returned. (Except for checkbox groups which use array names like 'field_name[]'.)"

To clarify this I must add that when you create checkbox fields the Wizard will name each option with its value. Thus after saving the form you need to open it and edit its HTML code. Open the form and go to Form Code tab. Click on +- next to Form HTML and find the code for checkbox fields. Rename each checkbox option with one unique name for the whole checkbox field. Use this name in the Email Template and database connection, if any.

To find out how to include results from checkbox fileds into Email Templates, read how to Setup Email Template to Send Form Results.

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